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Our Professional Money Exchange Software for all size of Money Exchange Businesses (Bureau De Change, BDC). Our flagship product Moneyaudit Money Exchnage Soft is a reliable, robust, and affordable banking-quality software used by customers across the global money changers. Whether it’s a small money shop or run a multi-branch money changing network operation, Moneyaudit money exchange soft will improve your exchange business and its growth.

Money Changer Software Features

  • All Features
  • Compliance
  • Customer & KYC
  • Exchange Process

Intelligent Transaction Screen

The money exchange transaction screen will allow all the necessary functionalities related to a money changing transaction including Compliance, RBA Check, Approval, KYC, Black listed check, PEP’s Check, History of transaction and other.

User Based Dashboard

The software start always with a dash board of the login user which contain a calendar with appointments, Tasks, Last accessed money exchange software division, Compliance managers requests, non audited transaction and other.

Risk Based Assessment

The money exchange system has a dynamic Risk based assessment, you as a end user can set the Risk based assessment depend on the branch, you can set different branch based RBA rating this will automatically reflect in the traction.

Customer Managemnt & KYC

The customer management is designed in different dynamic groups like Walk-in customers, Retail or Registered customer, Licensed money changer, Business customer and other. Depend on the group of customer the KYC will be Implemented.

Dynamic Compliance monitor

The money exchange software is running on top of the dynamic compliance manager to enable monitoring the transaction, compliance, Money laundering regulation, risk based assessment, KYC and other internal policies.

Money Changer Reports

Dynamic money changer reports for your central bank and for your accounts including Annual report, Quarterly reports, Balance sheet, Compliance reports, Risk based reports and more than 50 different printable or excel, pdf reports.

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Mobile apps for compliance manager

We also offer mobile apps for Compaliance manager, Approval of transaction, Customer and agents process.

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